Toronto and Southern Ontario Fuel Delivery

Frew Energy offers both automatic and on-demand fuel delivery. Automatic fuel delivery is convenient and keeps you from worrying about ever running out of oil, while on-demand delivery lets you actively manage and monitor your costs while getting only the fuel you need. Either way, our friendly representatives are always happy to assist you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your home heating options.

Fueling Your Home Comfort

Residential heating oil provides Toronto and Southern Ontario customers with several benefits compared to other heating fuel systems. Heating your home with an oil furnace is:


Today's heating oil systems are much cleaner than in the past, with emissions rated at near-zero levels.


Heating oil is easy to transport and can be used in households that cannot utilize other heating methods.


Residential heating oil is at least twice as cheap as electric heat, and having a home heating oil company undertake regular maintenance on your oil furnace can save you over 5% on your annual heating bill.


New high-efficiency oil furnaces produce an efficiency rating of over 90% compared to older units. One litre of residential heating oil produces 37,000 BTUs in a furnace compared to 35,300 produced by natural gas.


Furnace oil is safer as it is non-explosive, unlike natural gas.

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A ThermaClean® heating oil supply will last you longer than most heating fuel systems while offering benefits that those fuels don’t have. ThermaClean® residential heating oil is specially designed to burn cleaner and more efficiently than other home heating fuels, making it better for both your home environment and the environment as a whole. Because it produces less soot than other fuels, and thanks to an anti-corrosive agent that helps protect your heating oil supply tank from the inside out, ThermaClean® fuel can extend the life of your oil burning equipment, saving you even more money in the long run.

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